CBT and OBT Redeem Code

We would like to thank those who have pre-registered via website and have participated during the CBT. Your feedback and insights have been important to us to further improve the game

We are expanding this code giveaway from Close Beta Testers to those who have Pre-Registered for OBT on our website. Read the guide below on how to claim the code.

Step 1 | Visit this LINK

Upon visiting the link, please either login via Facebook or Google

Note: Players from Thailand who have pre-registered may claim via Facebook Page.

Step 2 | Get Your Reward Code

Once you have succesfully logged in, click on GET YOUR REWARD CODE.

Step 3 | Save Your Reward Code

You can now view your Claim Code! Here are some important notes:

  • Do not share this code to anyone.
  • You can only use this code once per Account ID ONLY.

To know how to use the code inside the game, click here.