Website Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards

How to claim:

  1. Website Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards
  2. We will be sending our universal codes and some items are redeemable in-game when you login in-game

Pre-Registration Milestone Rewards!

Thank you for your support! We have reached more than 2 MILLION Pre-Registered ninjas awaitng for the gates of Konoha!

How to claim:

  1. Use the code below:
    • 7fc77c08d2bbb97304d9454311442420
  2. Pre-Registration code can only be used once per character
  3. Pre-Registration code is non-transferable.


  • The following will be redeemed immediately through redeem code:
    • Enchant Charm I x20
    • Wash Amulet x20
    • [Title] Konoha Vanguard
    • Normal Ramen Voucher x18
    • Advanced Ramen Voucher x9

  • The following will can be claimed by simply logging in every day! (Starts on March 23 onward)
    • Day 1 - Sand Clone Pack x2; Gaara Shards x4
    • Day 2 - Sand Clone Pack x2; Gaara Shards x4
    • Day 3 - Sand Clone Pack x2; Gaara Shards x4
    • Day 4 - Sand Clone Pack x2; Gaara Shards x6
    • Day 5 - Sand Clone Pack x4; Gaara Shards x6
    • Day 6 - Sand Clone Pack x8; Gaara Shards x6

Note: The items will be sent automatically on your account within the day. Kindly check your Bag. Insertion may start around 8PM every day and might have a slight delay on some players due to the volume being sent.