Calling all of the old elite heroes of MIA Online and aid us again with your loyalty.

Get exciting rewards for players with atleast 30 days inactivity or more.

Event Duration: October 8 to November 5, 2019


1) Fill-up this form with the required details.
2) Players with inactivity of 30 days (continuously) or more are legible for the rewards.
     - example: players inactive for 30 days before this event starts are legible for the rewards
3) Players who meet the requirements will be rewarded with the event rewards.
4) Servers: S1 - S8 and A1 Servers Only
5) Unclaimed rewards will expire within 30 days.

Returning Heroes Rewards Quantity
Lv7 Gem Chest x5
Feather of Blessing x500
Super Gold Card x20
Artifact Essence x10
Vim x2500
Mount: Infernal Tiger (Bound) x1
Silver Lining Costume (7 Days) x1
Title: Returned Hero (Bound/Permanent) x1


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