Server Maintenance Complete!

Here are the things you must see on our August 2019 Patch Update:

New Features

- Crusader's Handbook (Unlocks at Lv23)
Mob Eliminator with permanent benefits. Hunt monsters based on your handbook to gain permanent stats. Higher Tier quests will be unlocked as you level up.

- Nation Elite Challenge (Unlocks at LV36)

- Blessing from Above (Unlocks at Lv36)

- Territory War (Unlocks at Lv40)
  Top guilds will be given a chance to conquer territory by bidding to an active territory. Conquering a Territory can give daily rewards to all guilds who have an occupied territory.

- Soul Gem System (Unlocks at LV60) 
  A new set of gems that can be embedded in your equipment. Each type of gem has two stats and this gives a significant amount of CP. Spiritual Gems have a base level of Lv1 and maximum level of Lv10.

    - Courage = Attack + Hit
    - Chaos = HP + Def
    - Ghost = Def + Dodge
    - Abyss = HP + Attack
    - Bloodborne = HP + HP
    - Storm = Attack + Blast

Note: Spritiual Gems can be acquired on Nazog Treasure, Maze of Gems and World Boss 90 and 100. 

New Items
- New Truce Staff for newbie players (30 Minutes)

In-game Updates

- New Area Map:  Ocean (Located at Shore of Light near an isolated Island)

- Revamp Maze of gems
  Mechanics: There are 21 total chests laying inside this dungeon. In the period of 5 minutes, the player must guess and open the right chest to get the reward. If the player opened a wrong chest, the chest will transform into a monster.

- Added 121-150 Trial Tower
- Stellar Ruins LV80 Boss with chest
- Lv90 and Lv100 World Boss (Located at Upper Floating Island / Stellar Ruins)

- Lv90 and Lv100 Team Dungeon (Lv90: Ape Ruins / Lv100: God Region)

- Lv90 and Lv100 Group Dungeon (The Lost City)
- Added new Nation Patriot Timeslot (18:00 - 19:30)

UI Update
- New LV90, LV100 Arena Honor Mall
- New Mounts: Dranbaro the Bull and Punch

- VIP Lv12 to Lv15
Lv100 Armor Visual Update









Qixi Festival Event

- New Lucky Wheel Event

  Mount: Avila (Grand Prize)

Qixi Exchange Event
- Yora Weapon Box (Style 1, 2 or 3)

- Grena Costume (Teal Color)

- Yora Cloak (Teal Color)