Gem Flash Sale

Quick! A new set of these Gems are SALE in a FLASH! Available from June 14-16, 2019 (Server Time)

Image Item Price (Diamonds) Purchase Limit Server Available
lv3-gem-chest.jpg Lv3 Gem Chest 8190 5 A2
lv4-gem-chest.jpg Lv4 Gem Chest 216270 5 S4, S5, S6
lv5-gem-chest.jpg Lv5 Gem Chest 567810 5 S4, S5, S6
lv6-gem-chest.jpg Lv6 Gem Chest 1,9442,430 5 S1, A1
lv7-gem-chest.jpg Lv7 Gem Chest 5,1037,290 5 S1, A1
gem-chest-2.jpg Gem Chest II 585650 5 S1, S4, S5, S6, A1
S1 Server also includes the merged server S2 and S3.