Hari Raya Patch Update | Recharge Events (June 15-20)

A great way to celebrate this special day is to throw in exciting events and handsome rewards. To learn more about the Hari Raya Patch, please visit this link

Raya Redeem 2

Date: June 15-24, 2019

Exchange your Ketupat with Raya Exclusive Rewards!

Item Requirements Limit
Fashion Weapon (7D) Ketupat x40 -
Rimau Fragment Ketupat x2 100
Raya Box Ketupat x4 -

Wheel of Fortune

Date: June 15-24, 2019

Here are the list of items you can get from the Wheel of Fortune

  • Mount Upgrade Pill x5
  • Appointment I x1
  • Feather of Blessings x10
  • Rare Gem Chest x1
  • Epic Gem Chest
  • Star Stone x4
  • Processing Manual I x70
  • Dwarf Ring Fragment x3
  • Fashion Costume: Ryuzuki
  • 1,000 Merit Card x1
  • Talent Mark x3
  • Mount: Garuda

Daily Accumulate Recharge I

Date: June 15-19, 2019

Recharge Diamonds every day for rewards!

Diamonds Rewards
300 Trinket x1 Golden Key x2 Mount Up Chest x3
980 Trinket x4 Processing Manual Chest x5 Merit Chest x2
1980 Trinket x8 Epic Gem Chest x1 Feather of Eternity x10
2980 Trinket x13 Epic Gem Chest x2 Feather of Eternity x20

Daily Accumulate Recharge II

Date: June 20-24, 2019

Recharge Diamonds every day for rewards!

Diamonds Rewards
60 Appointment I x5 Advance Treasure Map Chest x2 Revival Pill x10 -
120 Ketupat x2 Talent Mark x10 Human Ring Fragment x50 -
300 Ketupat x3 Dwarf Ring Fragment x50 Artifact Chest x5 -
450 Ketupat x4 Skill Tome II x40 Intermediate Energy Core x20 -
600 Ketupat x4 Epic Gem Chest x1 Rainbow Fluourite x10 -
900 Ketupat x5 Feather of Blessing x20 Raya Box x3 Sacred Artifact Chest x2
1980 Ketupat x6 Raya Box x4 Legendary Gem Chest x2 Parcel x2

You can visit this link to know more about the Hari Raya Patch Update