Raya Patch Update (Level 90 Content)

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Event Date:

  • June 5, 2019 to July 5, 2019

Event Details:

  • Ketupat - Item Used to redeem rewards during the Raya Event. Redeemable Items: Limited Time Weapon, Fashion, Title, and some Daily Consumables
  • Raya Box - A Random box that can get special rewards. Possible Items: Rimau Fragments, Gems, Feather of Blessings, Forge Essence and many more!
  • Rimau (New Mount) - It will appear as the World Boss during the New Mount Event. Garuda (New Mount) - Available at Raya Lucky Spin



Event Time - All Day
Event Details - Collect Ketupad in the Main City everyday to get rewards.

Possible Rewards


fine-gem-chest.jpgFine Gem Chest


Event Time - Every 20:00 - 21:00 (Server Time)
Event Details - Proceed to the Main City every night and collect fireworks to get handsome rewards.

Possible Rewards


gold-coins.jpgGold Coins

raya-box.jpgRaya Box


Event Time - All Day
Event Details - Random candles will appear in the following village:

  • Newbie Village
  • Verise Forest
  • Main City
  • Border
Make sure to collect them all!

Possible Rewards


star-stone.jpgStar Stone

mount-upgrade-pill.jpgMount Upgrade Pill

raya-box.jpgRaya Box


Event Timeslot (Server Time)

  • 12:00
  • 15:00
  • 18:00
  • 21:00
Event Details
Kill the Raya World Boss within the given timeslot to receive amazing rewards!
Note: - During the event period, Nations of different factions will be unable to damage one another while doing World Boss. This way, all nations can cooperate on slaying the World Boss.

Possible Rewards


500-merit-card.jpg500 Merit Card

raya-box.jpgRaya Box

rimau-fragment.jpgRimau Fragment


Event Timeslot - All Day
Event Details During the event period, you may enter the Coin Dungeon to kill the Coin Monsters for rewards. There is also a chance where Rimau will appear in the dungeon. Tame it, then it's yours.

Possible Rewards

gold-coins.jpgGold Coins

rimau-mount.jpgMount: Rimau

Equipment and Mount Updates

Assassin_F.png Female Assassin (Level 90)

Assassin_M.png Male Assassin (Level 90)

Assassin_W.png Assassin Weapon (Level 90)

Berserker.png Berserker (Level 90)

Berserker_w.png Berserker Weapon (Level 90)

Melodist_F.png Female Melodist (Level 90)

Melodist_M.png Male Melodist (Level 90)

Melodist_w.png Melodist Weapon (Level 90)

Mystic_F.png Female Mystic (Level 90)

Mystic_Man.png Male Mystic (Level 90)

Mystic_Staff.png Mystic Weapon (Level 90)

Paladin_F.png Female Paladin (Level 90)

Paladin_man.png Male Paladin (Level 90)

Paladin_W.png Paladin Weapon (Level 90)

Rogue_F.png Female Assassin (Level 90)

Rogue_M.png Male Assassin (Level 90)

Rogue_W.png Assassin Weapon (Level 90)

mount-garuda.jpg Mount: Garuda

mount-rimau.jpg Mount: Rimau

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