How the Artifact System Works?

Equipping the Artifacts

- Equip the 6 different artifacts in the UI to activate the artifact's effect.

- Each slot in the artifact UI has a unique type of artifact that you can equip.

 1) Courage Artifact
 2) Wisdom Artifact
 3) Power Artifact
 4) Strength Artifact
 5) Invention Artifact
 6) Royal Artifact

- There is no particular order to follow when you're equipping the artifacts.
For example, Strength artifact can be equipped without the Courage, Wisdom and Power Artifact.

- There are 6 different elements to choose and these elements can all be equipped or players can choose only one element.
Note: This part of the artifact system is a player's preference.
  1) Fire
  2) Water
  3) Earth
  4) Wind
  5) Light
  6) Darkness


Upgrading the Artifacts

- Artifacts can be upgraded using the "RAINBOW FLUORITE"

- This item will increase the Artifact's power that will significantly increase the character's CP

- The Max Level of each artifact is Level 10 (10 Stars)

Non-Linear Stats of Artifacts

- Stats on each equipped artifacts can be changed by using the "Forge Essence"

- Use Forge Essence to change the stats of the equipped artifact.
Note: You can lock a specific stat before you can change it using the Forge Essence but locking one or more stats will increase the quantity of usage of the Forge Essence.


Element Activation

- Charge up the energy to activate a specific element that you want to activate

- Using the "Micro Energy Core" it will save energy in the UI and distribute the energy in the elements.

- To number of energy that you need on the element will base on the current element artifact equipped in the character.

- For example in this picture, most of the artifacts have darkness element and the darkness element has the greatest number of energy needed to activate the element's power.
- Follow the numbers in this picture to use stored energy and apply it in the elements;
1) Pressing the Charge button will consume the Micro Energy and it will be stored in the UI
2) Apply the energy that you stored in the element that you want to activate
3) Distribute the energy applied and your character's CP will significantly increase.

Note: You can activate different elements as long as you have the equipped element artifact.