LEVEL 70 Major Patch is here!

Patch Update: January 21, 2019


1.) New players who decided to play in an old server will receive extra rewards ranging from start-up equipment, EXP pills and other game consumables.

New players will start to receive it at level 35. 

You can claim it by tapping the red and gold banner icon at the upper right side of your screen.


            • You will see 2 sets of rewards for every 5 levels.


            • One of the reward is free and you have to buy the other one using diamonds




            2) You will get an additional reward called "Frostic Box" by participating in killing any World Boss.


            Frostic Box – is a lucky box that will give players the chance to get “Aurora Mount”


            You will have a chance to obtain one of the following items:

            • Aurora Mount (Grand Prize)
            • Magic Essence
            • Star Stone
            • Mount Skill Bag (Orange)
            • Mount Upgrade Pill
            • Heroic Bag
            • Lv2 Gem Chest
            • Advanced Treasure Map
            • Holy Tears
            • Title: Aurora Wind
            • Love At First Sight
            • Psyche Chest



            3) Level 10 Story Instanced "Manway's Ring" will let you kill the boss directly. System removed the monsters that you have to kill before reaching the boss. This is an optimization in the Story Mode.

            4) Level 70 Map - Stellar Ruins, World Boss "Coven Witch" located in the East and West.



            5) Added 71st to 100th floor of the Trial Towers 



            6) During this update, we have added a text notice on top of the window if a member of your Nation is killed by a player from an opposing Nation.


            7) New Mount "Aurora"