October 26, 2018 - CUBINET opens pre-registration for newest game release, MIA ONLINE Mobile -- Open World 3D 360 Point-of-View Action MMORPG.

MIA Online is a mystical world of humans, elves and dwarves. 4 Nations compose the world of MIA Online – Arland, Gorzul, Fierya and Mariad.

MIA Online Mobile offers Massive PvP contents such as 3v3 Arena, 10v10 Arena, Nation War and Various Selection of PvE features. The game allows non-linear character builds, guild activities, main story lore quests and many more.

Players can join our Pre-Registration using this link: http://prereg.miaonlinemobile.com

The Official Game Launch is coming soon on Google Play and App Store!

Here the official links of MIA ONLINE