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Gamers from Indonesia can rejoice as CUBINET, a member of 7 Senses Group, introduces MIA ONLINE-NATION WAR MMORPG, a launched game that is now available on Google Play and the Appstore.

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The Press Conference took place at Brenda Kitchen, Jakarta Indonesia on the 14th of May, 2019 at 4:00 PM (GMT +7). Media Partners and Game Enthusiasts got the opportunity to learn more about the Mobile Game thru series of activities such as Free Plays and Product Presentations conducted by Cubinet Marketing Manager Mr. Afiq Rashidi and the MIA Online Team.

During the Press Conference, current game contents such as the released level 80 game features, costumes and dungeons were shared along with plans for MIA Online. There were also interesting questions asked by Media which were further answered in multiple interviews held on the same day.

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MIA Online highlights massive PvP combat game features with its “NATION WAR” feature as its core asset.

Players can choose from 6 game classes which are the Paladin, Ranger, Mystic, Assassin, Melodist and Berserker, all with non-linear development and customization. MIA Online offers Gender Unlocked, Non-linear Character builds, Guild System, Mystical Mounts, Ring System, and many more. With its massive Open World Action MMORPG Features, PvP is redefined through its immersive 3v3, 10v10, and Nation War Mode.

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Multiple scale PvP Systems are one of the main highlights of MIA ONLINE—players can choose to battle with other players using the following features such as 1 versus 1 Skyladder Feature, 3 versus 3 Arena feature, 10 versus 10 Battlefield Feature and in the grandest battle of it all – the Nation War.

MIA Online has been launched in December of 2018 and is now expanding to different countries across the globe.

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