Things you should know about Server Merge Process...



Players will still be able to login through the server login menu and are able to play and communicate with players from the servers which are merged. If players own multiple characters on a different server, their characters are still available in the character selection menu before logging in to the game.

  • Character Name - If there is a same name, the merged server will add "(S2)" on their name.



  •   Guild – If there is a same guild name, the merged server will add ‘(S2)’ just like the Character Name procedure.

Special Note:

Players from S2 whose character name are automatically changed by the system are eligible to apply for free Rename Card via help desk. Similarly, Guilds whose guild names are modified by the system are also eligible for this application. Players & Guild Leaders may send their request thru the same form below.

Official applications may be sent via official Google form hereLink will be available from January 29, 2019 (After Server Maintenance) - February 8, 2019 (GMT +8)

It is important to note that this service will be available for 7 Business Days only after the merge has taken effect. Processing will take 3-5 Business Days.

  • Friend – Players from the same nation will be able to add each other as friend and their friend list from before server merge will remain unchanged.
  • Ranking – All ranking results will be reset and start again.
  • Sky Ladder – Ranking results will be reset and start again.
  • Rivalry – Will recalculate the results according to the new Skyladder’s ranking.
  • Hall of Fame – Will release the new ranking sequence according to the combined data of both servers.
  • Personal Notifications – Unchanged
  • Experience Loot – Unchanged
  • Character Details (Skills, Stats, CP, Journal, Mounts, etc..) – Unchanged



  • Nation Funds and Activeness Points – Same nation will be combined; the National Funds and activeness will be combined as well.

Example Only:


  • War, King, Appointed Officials, and Alliance – The King of the nation will be removed. The guild leader of the highest-ranking guild from each nation will be crown as King of their respective nation after the server merged. All official positions for all nations will be cleared and will be appointed by the new King. The Kings Battle’s schedule will be reset and ready to be challenge from start again. All alliance will be reset and new alliance request will be send by the new King. The national records and declaration records will be shown according to S1 record history.



  • Red Bag/Packet – If there are unclaimed red bag/packet, it will be sent back to the Player’s Mail.
  • Auction – Items in the auction market will be combined and items that have been auctioned will not be cleared.
  • Event – All ongoing promotional events will be removed and the merged servers will receive special events in return. Server Merge Activities will also take place as follows.

Screenshot_15.png*Dates may vary in-game.



To Assist Nations for to the upcoming transfer, Compensation will be sent out to the merging nations.


Those who did not received their compensation rewards, you may file a disupute form using this link.
Link will be available from January 29, 2019 (After Server Maintenance) - February 8, 2019 (GMT +8)