MIA ONLINE Offenses and Penalties Guide

By playing the game, you are hereby expected to comply and respect the In-game Policy and Terms of Service being imposed. The following Offenses and Penalties Guide will serve as the basis for both its due implementation. Circumstances regarding each case will vary and situations that are not specifically provided for in the guidelines below might arise. For such cases, the GM Team and Cubizone Management will deliberate and judge the best course of action.

1st Offense
2nd Offense
3rd Offense
Suceeding Offense
Gameplay Fraud
Bug Exploitation** 7 Days Ban + Diamond and Item Wipeout Permanent Ban x x
Use of 3rd Party Program Permanent Ban  x x x
Game Client Tampering Permanent Ban  x x x
Refund° Permanent Ban  x x x
In-game Behavior***
Excessive Player Harassment* 30 Days Mute Permanent Ban x x
Event Disruption* 7 Days Mute 3 Days Ban 7 Days Ban +7 Days Ban
GM Harassment* 7 Days Mute 3 Days Ban 7 Days Ban +7 Days Ban
Real-life Threats Warning 7 Days Ban Permanent Ban
Mendacity 7 Days Mute 7 Days Ban Permanent Ban
GM Impersonation** 7 Days Ban Permanent Ban  x
Illegal Advertising 7 Days Mute 7 Days Ban Permanent Ban
Real Money Trading (RMT) Permanent Ban  x  x
Game Account Theft
Hacking Permanent Ban  x  x
Username / Password Theft Permanent Ban  x  x


* Has a cleansing period of 1 year from the time where sanction was last implemented.
** Depending of the severity of the violation made, Sanction may escalate regardless of Offense commited.
*** Must be reported on our helpdesk to in order to process case.
° Amnesty Program for Banned Players due to Refund Issues may be subject to the discretion of MIA Online Management Team.

I. Gameplay Fraud

A. Bug Exploitation

It is inevitable to encounter bugs, glitches, flaw, or loopholes in all games. Players who discover any bugs and/or glitches in-game must bring this attention to the Game Master’s attention and/or report it to the Official Facebook Site. Players who will abuse and exploit bugs or glitch to gain unfair advantage will be sanctioned accordingly. To report Bugs/Glitches, kindly submit a ticket on our Official Cubizone Helpdesk.

B. Use/Distribution of 3rd Party Programs/Cheating

Advertising, using, and/or distributing 3rd party programs that are used to alter gameplay, unlock game features that are not currently available to other players, disrupt gameplay, gain unfair advantage is considered a severe violation. Should you ever suspect that a player(s) are guilty of such violations, kindly report it immediately on our Helpdesk.

C. Tampering of Game Client/Server Information

Any form of attempts to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running MIA ONLINE will result in severe punishment and may result for legal actions.

D. Refund

An act of single or multiple abuses on the refund feature of Google Play and AppStore which provides unfair advantage for certain account will result in Permanent Suspension of Account.

II. In-game Behavior

A. Excessive Player Harassment

MIA ONLINE promotes a healthy community inside the game. We do not tolerate the following harassment to other players. This includes the following (but not limited to):

o Sexually explicit, Obscene, Vulgar, Rude, Disrespectful, Profanity Abuse
o Hateful, Racism, Abusive, and other derogatory terms that discredits a person
o Ethnically or Religiously offensive Imagery or context

A player who harass another player (or multiple players) over an extended period of time will fall into the category of Excessive Player Harassment.

This also includes Character Name or Guild Names that contains offensive characters, words, symbols, etc.. For more information, you can visit our Terms of Service under Rules Related to Username, Character and Guild Names.

To send harassment report, one must submit a ticket on our Official Cubizone Helpdesk and make sure to gather all informations for faster assistance:

o Character Name of Abuser
o User ID of Abuser
o Description/Details
o Screenshot or video link (proof)

B. Event Disruption

Disrupting GM Facilitated in-game events through harassing event participants and event facilitators which negatively impacts the game experience for players will be sanctioned accordingly.

C. Harassing a GM/Cubizone Staff

Harassment of any form towars GM and the Cubizone Staff is strictly prohibited and results in a severe consequences.

D. Making Real Life Threats

A real-life threat in any form, even in jest, is not allowed. We take these threats seriously and may call local authorities.

E. Mendacity

Spreading unauthorized and/or misleading information about the game, updates, and mechanics that may cause confusion, damage, and/ or loss to others is strictly prohibited. Violators will be castigated

F. GM/Cubizone Staff Impersonation

Pretending to be a Cubizone employee or to be under the employment of Cubizone or any of Cubizone’s affiliates or developers in order to exploit personal information, gain items, in-game currency, and/or other form of scamming will not be tolerated by the management and may face legal consequences.

G. Illegal Advertising

Users are prohibited to market, promote, advertise, and/or solicit within the game. This includes (but is not limited to) advertising hack/scam sites, sources of information that will lead to gameplay fraud, RMT (Real Money Trading) sites, etc.

H. Use of Cubizone Products or services for Unauthorized/Illegal activities

All Cubizone Products and services are strictly to be used for legal purposes with written consent of the management. Should you ever find anyone who violates this policy, kindly file a report on our Official Helpdesk.

I. Real Money Trading

Real Money Trading is defined as an exchange of virtual goods (including in-game currency and items) and services for real-world currency. Real Money Trading is considered severe violation which results in permanent suspension of accounts of both seller and buyer.

III. Game Account Theft

A. Hacking

Gaining access to another player’s account to take or delete items, delete the character, alter stats, or obtain personal information about the player without his or her written and expressed consent.

B. Username/Password Theft

Any attempt of phishing another player’s personal information such as username, password, and/or other personal information that may cause damage or loss in the victim’s account without the victim’s written and expressed consent.

IV. Miscellaneous Provisions

A. Non-compensation

o Players who suffer any loss as a result of participating in acts that violates our policy will not be compensated.
o The security of your account is your own responsibility. We will not compensate players who are a victim of hack and/or scam cases.
o Players who suffer any loss due to player error will not be compensated. It is the player’s responsibility to be always vigilant and mindful for every action that he/she will do on his/her account.

B. Special Cases

In cases where the Game Policy do not explicitly cover a case, the GM Team has the right to convene, review the case, and pass appropriate judgment (deemed as necessary). Once the GM Team has come to a decision, it will be final and irrevocable.

C. Involvement in Violating Game Policy

All players, characters, and accounts that are found to be involved or to be in collusion with other violators may be subject to have the same degree of penalty as the main violator. Whatever sanction imposed is completely under the discretion of GM Team.

D. Failure to File a Dispute Claim

A player may experience the following problems below:

○ Purchased a Top-up but did not received anything. (Whole or Partial)
○ Did not received in-game items from a completed event/quest.

Such concern must be reported on our Helpdesk within 30 calendar days upon the occurance of the problem. Otherwise, we cannot give any guarantee that we are able to address your concern.

E. Case Processing

In case of player-incited investigations, all reports will go through official correspondence with Cubizone will be processed. A claim, whether legitimate or not will be properly documented and recorded for later reference and archiving for better processing of case(s).

F. Disclosure of Personal Information

o Disclosure of your own personal information to the public or privately with other player or Cubizone Staff is highly discouraged. We are not responsible or liable to any loss or damage caused because of this action.
o Remember: The Cubizone Staff (including Facebook page and GM Team) will never ask you for your username and/or password and other personal information.
o We will only ask personal information (such as: Receipt of your purchase, IGN, UID, Server, etc.) as needed to resolve a certain case or concern.

G. Account Sharing

Account sharing is extremely discouraged. Any loss, damage, or player incurred error that can be attributed to account sharing will not be compensated by the GM Team. This includes (but not limited to) the following incidents:

o Guild Disbandment
o Couple Break-up/Divorce o Loss of Item(s)
o Loss of any In-game Currency o Loss of Contribution points

If an owner shared his account to another player, which resulted in a damage or loss of the owner’s account. The owner will not be compensated and the other player will not be sanctioned.

H. Amendments of Game’s Policy

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these In-game Policies, with or without prior notice to the player. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms. It is a player's responsibility to look on these policy for time to time to see the revisions made on the policy.