1. In order to purchase diamonds using the Love Dance Web Top Up Method. All you have to do is to purchase Cubits in any of our official distributor that can be seen here:

2. Once you have a Cubits Pins, Simply go to http://topup.lovedancemobile.com/lovedance/index.html



3. In the Game Used ID. Simply put the numeric Used ID that you can see in your profile inside the game and once you put it, it will automatically display your Game User Name/Character Name.

4. Simply put the Card Serial Number and the Cardcode/Pin in their field respectively.

5. For the Email part. All you have to do is to encode your Facebook or Google Account email that you are using to connect to Love Dance.

6. If all the information is correct then simply tick the confirmation and after that click Ok.

7. Your diamonds will arrive inside the game shortly



Keep in mind that the Love Dance Web Top Up method only accepts pins with the exact Cubits as seen in the chart below.

You will be able to purchase the amount of diamonds that you want using the cubits pin with the equivalent amount.

e.g I wanted to purchase 17,250 diamonds so i need to use exactly 10,000 Cubits code



Web top-up doesnt have any wallet unlike the Cubizone Top Up Method (guide below). You dont have to download and use the Direct APK of Love Dance in order to use this as anyone can use this method.

Part 1: How to register and Top Up Cubits?

1. Make sure that you are using the latest Direct APK of Love Dance

2. In order to purchase diamonds using a direct APK. All you have to do is to purchase Cubits in any of our official distributor that can be seen here:

3. Once you purchased a cubits, all you have to do is to log-in to your cubizone account in the Cubizone Portal. (In case you dont have a Cubizone account. All you have to do is to sign up. Please pay attention to the email address that you are going to use and remember it. Kindly check this Registration Guide: http://my.cubizone.com/index.php?r=site/supportdetail&cat=guides&art=register ).

4. Once you are inside the Cubizone Portal, simply click the “Top Up Via Cubicard” button than you can see on the upper right side of your screen inside the members dashboard.



5. Fill in the Top Up Details. Top Up Code is the Cubits Pin and not the Serial Number. While the Password is your Cubizone Account’s Password.



6. The system will notify you whether your top is succesful. The Cubits will appear shortly and you will be able to check your balance in the members dashboard.


Part 2: How to purchase Diamonds Using Cubits?

1. To purchase Diamonds using Cubits, all you have to do is to go to the Diamond Purchasing section inside the game.



2. Simply choose the diamond amount that you want to purchase.

3. A payment method page will appear so simply choose Cubizone.



4. Log in using your Cubizone account information (Email Stands for the email address that you used in registration. It could be your Facebook email if you register thru facebook or your google email if you register using google+ accounts, please remember that this one is for your Cubizone Account, not love dance account.)



5. Once you login, it will land you to the purchasing page. The required Cubits is displayed (Amount Payable), Your available Cubits Balance and the amount of diamond that you we’re about to purchase (Product)



6. Simply click confirm to proceed with the purchase and your Diamonds will arrive shortly.


Part 3: Currency Conversion