What is an Advanced Partner Passive Jutsu (Ninjustu Scroll) ?

Advanced Partner Passive Jutsu is a ninjutsu scroll used to obtain 1 random S or SS Passive Skill Book (Scroll). A Ninjutsu Scroll or Ninjutsu Manual is an item used to learn and upgrade partner skills that ultimately contribute to the increase of your overall CP.


Tap the Partner icon.

Choose which partner you want to upgrade.

Tap the Cultivate icon, And then tap Ninjutsu tab.

Note the example here is Orochimaru. As for Orochimaru, he has 4 available skills:

  • Whirl Snake Strike
  • Seal of 5 Elements
  • Snake Control
  • Poison Snake

Choose which Ninjutsu Skill you want to Level up

In this tutorial we choose the Whirl Snake Strike skill. As you can see under the Ninjutsu Skill icons, their detailed description will appear when you tap the specific icon. You can also see the details of your skill when you level up.

You will need to make sure that you have reached the Required Partner Level and you have enough Ninjutsu Scroll of Whirl Snake Strike skill to proceed and level up.

Tap the Level Up button to initiate the upgrade. Once you have done these steps, you have successfully upgraded your Partner Skill of choice. Try it out today!

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