The Unseen Enemy Patch Notes

New Content & Updates

  • Chapter 7 Story
  • Chapter 7 Main Quest
  • Opened Level 70 Growth
  • Opened Level 70 Cap (Level 61 to 70 is now open)
  • Added Naruto Experience in Main Quest
  • New Partner Trial Dungeon
  • Clan Hunt
  • Assault Drill
  • Avalanche System
  • Bounty Hall
  • Konoha Privilege
  • New Have Fun Quest
  • Weapon Fashion
  • Rename System
  • New Advance Ninja Tool Bag (Increase Bag slot from 160 to 200)
  • Added New Partner

Optimization & Adjustments

  • Server Connection Optimized
  • Partner Skill Slot is now available at Lv14
  • Equipment Enhance is now available at Lv12
  • Magatama Equip is now available at Lv30
  • Equipment Purify/Line Purify/Enchant is now available at Lv31
  • Difficult Dungeon is now available at Lv26
  • Skyladder is now available at Lv27
  • Ranking is now available at Lv18
  • Advance Ramen Voucher purchase currency is updated to Gold
  • Daily Quest Presentation Effect Optimized
  • Ninja Arena Skill Verify
  • Chat interface Optimized
  • Guild Quest Optimized
  • Main Quest BOSS power Optimized
  • Character creation random name Optimized
  • Skill Level Up Optimized
  • Jail Function Optimized
  • Character Creation View Angle Optimized
  • Character Creation SFX Optimized
  • Arena Ninjutsu Setup Optimized
  • Revive interface Get Stronger Feature Optimized
  • Danmaku Font Adjusted
  • Handstand Follow Rock Lee and Guy Feature Optimized
  • Naruto & Sasuke Battle Lock-on Camera Optimized
  • Clan Data Optimized
  • Shard adjustment for [1 Star] SS Kakashi & [1 Star] S Might Guy (requires 10 Shards only to summon)
  • Normal Exp Earn Back Reward Adjusted
  • Peerless Drill Main Tower HP Adjusted

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Partner Sasuke: Cursed Seal Passive Skill Bug
  • Fixed the ARtifact/Spirit Skill Issue
  • Dimension Stat Issue, Applied Skill Localizatino Fix on Blazing Lotus [Agility to Dexterity]
  • Hanabi Q&A Revision. Updated the question list.
  • Ninja Duel Challenged Issue Fix. Whereas some player are unable to Challenge

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