Lunar New Year Patch

Lunar New Year Patch Update

Coming this February 4, 2019!

To celebrate this special Lunar New Year, get ready for the amazing events we have prepared just for you! To know more about the exciting in-game events, visit this link.


Nian Mount

Lunar New Year Dungeon: Aurum Raid

Time: All day

Yeehaw! Looking for a new ride? If you want a fiery mount to match the season festivities, then we have you covered! Wipe out roaming Aurum mobs to get rewards. Also, get a chance to acquire a Mount: Nian by capturing Jr. Nian. Only available once per day so don't miss out!

Battle the Nian Boss

Time: All day (Every 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm | Server Time)

Nian here! Nian there! Nian everywhere! Do you have what it takes to defeat the mighty Nian Boss? One must have a keen eye to find the Mighty Nian. He spawns at random locations around the border of every Nation. Defeat him and be rewarded!

Nian Boss

Money Tree

Money Tree

Time: All day

What does the horoscope says about you? Shake the luck out of the money tree by offering your Golden Key!

Pow-Pow Firework!

Time: All day

Light out the skies and send a message of prosperity across the land! Nothing beats a great Lunar New Year Celebration by lighting up the Fireworks! Light it up to win!


LNY Events

Check out other EXCLUSIVE Items during Lunar New Year ONLY!

Lunar Fashion: Mark of Auspices
Lunar Weapon: Glorious Series
Lunar Mount: Nian
...and many more!

Note: Players must be Level 30 and above in order to participate on these events.
Getting excited on the next patch update? Mark your calendar because Chinese New Year Patch will be on February 4!

Lunar New Year Exclusive Items!


Golden Key

Use this magic key as a gathering tool to unlock the magic of the Money Tree. Collect these Golden Keys by joining events and making exchanges in game. Remember that the Golden Key is a tool and heroes need to click on the Money Tree’s roots or even the ground to receive rewards!


Golden Seed

Participate in Lunar New Year Events to claim the Rare Golden Seeds! Heroes may exchange these seeds for Lunar New Year Fashion Box, Lunar New Year Gear Box and Lunar New Year Pack!


Nian-Nian Chest (*Hot Item*)

Spin the Nian Nian wheel when you open the Nian Nian Chest! This special Lunar New Year exclusive chest can be obtained in many ways. Heroes may obtain by logging in during the event period. They may also participate in In-Game events or even by making gold and diamond exchanges! Items to be won may include:

  • Nian Mount (Grand Prize)
  • Title : General of the year (Scroll/Grand Prize)
  • Mount Skill Bag (Major Prize)
  • Magic Essence
  • Holy Tears
  • Level 2 Gem Chest
  • Psyche Chest
  • 500 Heroic Fragments
  • 500 Merit Card
  • Mount Upgrade Pill
  • Appointment I
  • Star Stone

Lunar New Year Pack (*Hot Item*)

Receive Rare items when opened! Participate in Lunar New Year Events to claim the Lunar New Year Pack! Some items you may find randomly inside this pack are as follows:

  • Star Stone
  • Magic Essence
  • Lvl2 Gem Chest
  • Basic Skill Book
  • Appointment I
  • Holy Tears
  • Love At First Sight
  • Star Stone
  • Mount Upgrade Pill

To know more about the Special Events we have prepared just for you, click the banner below!special-new-year-events-link.jpg