★★★ EVENT ALERT! ★★★

Grab a partner because you'll be needing someone to help you get a Date Night set this love month~

♪ Duration ♪

Start: Feb. 14, 2017

End: Feb. 19, 2017 at 11:59pm (GMT+8)



1. Select a Love Dance challenge buddy (can be your couple, friend or anyone you like)

2. Register on this post by commenting this entry form:

✧ Team Name: 

✧ Player 1 Character Name:

✧ Player 1 UID:

✧ Player 1 Gender:

✧ Player 2 Character Name:

✧ Player 2 UID:

✧ Player 2 Gender:

✧ Player 2 Facebook account link:

3. You and your buddy should create an album on your facebook timeline entitled: "Love Dance Valentine's Day Challenge". Set the album PUBLICLY and upload completed challenges there.

4. There will be no daily deadline for challenges, you just need to finish all of them before the event deadline.

5. Label your challenges accordingly.

6. Complete all the challenges and win rewards



- Register on the thread first before doing the challenges

- We're not going to consider entries if you didn't register here

- Only one of you should comment your entry form on this post

- Both of you should upload the album on your timeline

- You're not allowed to have multiple buddies.

- Album should be set to PUBLIC

- Stitch separate screenshots as one photo by using a collage maker

- You may cover a part of your face for the photo challenge but make sure that you are still recognizable

- Your character names should be clearly visible on the screenshots

- SS challenges require you and your buddy get SS scores for both characters

- You have to finish ALL challenges for you to get the rewards. 

- Type your character name and user ID carefully. Double check on it because we will not be reinserting rewards.

- Rules and mechanics are subject to change without prior notice

- By joining this event you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions.

- Rewards will be inserted 5-7 working days after event period



Challenge A: Get SS with your buddy on Rude Bubble Love Hard

Challenge B: Get SS with your buddy on Daddy Classic PK Hard

Challenge C: Form a heart sign using your and your partner's hand by stitching your photos together. (Sample: http://i.imgur.com/bwOy2Pu.png)

Challenge D: Start twinning! Wear the same red outfit

Challenge E: Receive 100 love crystals from each other



○ 30 days Corolla Hair

○ 30 days Date Night dress/top

○ 30 days Date Night shoes/bottom

○ 30 days Cocktail handheld

DOWNLOAD LOVEDANCE: http://lovedance.cubizone.com/


Download the Cubizone Play App here:

APP STORE: https://goo.gl/bvV1X3

GOOGLE PLAY: https://goo.gl/0klo6Q


Web Top Up: http://bit.ly/1K5sMCt

How to Top Up: http://bit.ly/1kGIjEq

Game Guides: http://m.cubizone.com/guides/love-dance

Community: https://goo.gl/SGXx3osoo