★★★ Honor Roll ★★★ 

Surprise!! In celebration of our Third Anniversary, we also want to show our appreciation to all of to the players who are competitive enough to be on the overall rank. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Yes you heard it right! Read down below on how we assessed each players on the Overall Rank.

There are 6 Overall Rank Categories which are:

We have selected the Top 5 on each category for Paradise Server and Top 3 for Lokum and Mystical Server.

We skip the names of the players if:
• Already mentioned (since they can only win once, we skipped to the next player if they appear again on different categories)
• GM Accounts (some accounts belonging to GM's may appear in rank so we skipped them too)
• Cheaters (we made sure that these exclusive rewards will fall on the right hands)

• The results were assessed on the 5th of September 3:00PM GMT+8. So the current rank results if viewed on later time may change without notice.
• Only the Crew Leader in the Top Rank Crews will receive the reward
• Also, the rewards will be inserted 3-5 working days from the time this post was published.

Happy Dancing Love Dancers! Happy Third Anniversary to all of us!

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