Hey, its back and just got better! We love this event and I know you will love it too! Getting excited? Here's how to join:

♪ Duration ♪
Start: July 3, 2018 (GMT +8)
End: July 8, 2018 11:59 pm (GMT +8)

• Choose any hairstyle from Love Dance Mobile and take a screenshot.
• Recreate that hairstyle by styling your own hair.
• Upload your entry in the comment section with the following details: [IGN, UserID, Server]

♪ IMPORTANT NOTES ♪ (Read carefully)
○ Image must be:
• Clear and legible
• Showing the in-game hair picture and your real life interpretation.
• Must be holding any Love Dance signage, logo, or Love Dance Mobile mobile phone interface.
○ Entries will be considered INVALID if...
• Failure to meet at least (1) of the requirements mentioned on this post.
• Multiple/spam entries. You are only allowed to comment your entry ONCE. Otherwise, this will be considered multiple or spam entries and it will void all of your entry.
○ You will be DISQUALIFIED if...
• You are not the actual person in the photo submitted. (Depending on the severity of violation, it can be subjected to a PERMANENT disqualification for this and future events.)
• Using entries of others will cause PERMANENT disqualification for this and future events.
○ You are ALLOWED to use any photo editing software to edit the hair color ONLY for this event.
○ We will not hold any responsibility of re-inserting awards due to typo errors on player's part. (If you entered the wrong information, delete the comment and type it again before the deadline of the event.)
○ Rewards will be sent 3-5 working days after the announcement of winners.
○ By joining this event, you explicitly agree to all our terms and conditions.

• GMs Pick (1 player): Permanent Crystalline Wings
• Fan Fave (2 players): Permanent Crystalline Wings
• Lucky Pick (2 players): Permanent Crystalline Wings
• Consolation Reward (all valid entries): 100 diamonds

♪ Fan Fave Eligibility ♪
• Most number of unique heart sticker comments on the entry.
What are you waiting for? Bring out the best selfie in you!
For your reference, here are the entries of the same event which happened before:

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