Hey there!

Grab a chance to get the legendary Dominate mount for free by successfully completing the full set on our new wishing pond legendary rewards~

Read on~

♪ Duration ♪
(according to the server timezone)
● Start: May 4, 2018
● End: May 20, 2018

♪ Instructions ♪
● Complete the full Dominate Set from the Wishing Pond

♪ Dominate Set Parts ♪
● Dominate Hair
● Dominate Top
● Dominate Suit
● Dominate Horns
● Dominate Dragon Accessory
● Dominate Ring
● Dominate Back
● Dominate Handheld

♪ Notes ♪
● You are only eligible for the legendary mount if you have completed the full set including the accessories
● No need to submit your details, data will be manually checked by the GM team.

Best of luck~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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