Hello everyone~

Doesn't like the new Accumulative Recharge Reward and wanted to continue availing the previous reward? Or perhaps you still wanted to complete your Accumulative Consume event?

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! Read the full details below to avail our previous promos~

1. This amendment form is until February 17, 2018 of your server's timezone only.
2. Eligible players are those who haven't completed their February 1 - 14 Accumulative and Recharge.

1. Recharge or Consume the required amount below until February 17, 2018 to avail its corresponding rewards:

Accumulative Recharge:
USD3 - Drowsy Bunny
USD5 - Stellar
USD7 - Round Glasses
USD9 - FeedMe?
USD11 - Sundae Specs
USD15 - Staring
USD30 - Melodious
USD50 - CrownScepter
USD80 - Romeo/Juliet Shoe
USD100 - Romeo Bottom/Juliet Gloves
USD125 - Romeo/Juliet Hair
USD150 - Romeo Top/Juliet Dress
USD180 - Soulmate
USD250 - Peach Blossom

Accumulative Consume:
1,000 Diamonds - 250 Rubies
3,000 Diamonds - 3pcs. Valentine Lotto 
7,500 Diamonds - 200 Diamonds
10,000 - 400 Diamonds
15,000 Diamonds - Melody Chat Border
20,000 Diamonds - Melody Profile Border
30,000 Diamonds - 1pc. Topaz

2. Your February 1 - 14 Top Up or Consumed Diamonds are still counted on this promo. For example, you wanted to acquire the Peach Blossom Mount. If you have an accumulated recharge of USD200 from February 1 - 14, you only need to recharge USD50 until February 17 to acquire the mount. Same goes to Accumulative Consume reward.

3. To those who will avail the previous Accumulative Recharge promo, we will be deleting the item you acquired from our new accumulative recharge promo. Please coordinate with our Customer Service if you still wanted to acquire the new set.

4. Once you understand the terms and conditions, you are required to fill the information needed on this form: https://goo.gl/forms/vCuh3A4VG85oCyHL2

5. Reward insertion will start on February 18, 2018 and may take 2-3 working days to complete.

Thank you!

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