Start raidin' your closet because you're all up for a fashion challenge!
♪ Duration ♪
Start: January 13, 2018
End: January 17, 2018 10:00am (GMT+8)
♪ Mechanics ♪
○ GM will be posting a theme or an outfit requirement for the day
○ Dress you character up according to the requirement
○ Take a screenshot from your in-game profile while wearing the required outfit
○ Submit your entry on the form which will be announced on the Fashion Challenge thread
♪ Important Notes ♪
○ Theme of the day may/may not include item requirements
○ Screenshot should be taken from your in-game PROFILE
○ You can not digitally edit any part of your entry
○ Entry must show full game interface
○ Daily challenges will be posted every 12:01AM (GMT+8)
○ We have the right to invalidate entries which do not follow the event requirements
○ You will be disqualified and prohibited to join future events if you get caught cheating or using screenshots of other people
○ Type your character name and user ID carefully. Double check on it because we will not be reinserting rewards.
○ Rules and mechanics are subject to change without prior notice
○ By joining this event you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions
♪ Rewards ♪
○ 5-day Completion Reward: Permanent unreleased Staring Face
Reward Image Female: https://imgur.com/a/Tnp53
Reward Image Male: https://imgur.com/a/l76iO
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