Servers are now online!

We have just updated a lot of stuff in-game so make sure you read the patch notes to avoid getting lost~
Your Always and Forever starts today so what are you waiting for? Play Love Dance now!

  New Server Release

○ December 6, 2017
○ Server name: Mystical
○ Time Zone: UTC-4


New Stuff

○ New currency
○ New raffle system
○ Soulmate system
○ Red carpet chapter 9
○ Classic Love mode
○ Couple quest
○ Dual mount system
○ Family system
○ New dance stage
○ Level-up rewards
○ VIP 11 and 12
○ Renewal of Vows
○ Profile frame
○ Megahorn frame
○ Redbag giveaway
○ Weekly couple ranking
○ Weekly megahorn ranking
○ Weekly crew ranking
○ Weekly recharge ranking
○ New mall categories
○ New interactions


○ Server name change
Current server names will be changed:
Global ->  Magical (GMT+8)
Indonesia -> Harmony (GMT+8)

○ Raffle ticket removal
Exchange Raffle Tickets for Rubies
1 Raffle Ticket -  5 Rubies
Trade your tickets here

○ Monthly wishing pond item renewal
Half of the Wishing Pond items will now be replaced monthly. Each Item set will be stay on the prize pool for 2 months.

○ New couple intimacy rewards
A new set of rewards can now be claimed based on the number of your couple intimacy

○ Non-vip access for new emojis
Non-VIPs can now use the new set of emojis

○ Daily quests increase and weekly quest removal
Quantity of daily quests has increased and weekly quest tab has been replaced by couple quests

○ Achievement and red carpet rewards renewal
Achievement and red carpet rewards from diamonds to rubies

○ Temporary coin item removal from mall
Removed coin items temporarily to make way for a mall revamp. Coin items will be returned to the shop on January 2018.

○ Ruby Shop is currently not available
Like the event mall, the Ruby Shop will be updated every other week. Stay tuned for the first Ruby Shop update in the coming weeks

○ Forgotten Capsule
Forgotten Capsule is used to “Break Up” with a certain family member. Item will be available after 1-2 weeks.

○ Pet system revamp
You now have 2 options to advance your pets: Pet advancement items from the mall and Energy

○ Emoji Animation
Selected emojis are now animated

○ Win ranking removal
Replaced by new weekly rankings

○ Massive UI revamp
Huge adjustments on the user interface

Enjoy~ (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥



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