Clash of the Guardians 1 vs 1 Tournament 

The first Dragon Samurai Clash of the Guardians Tournament is now up! Prove you're worthy for the title “Guardian Slayer” in this massive 1 versus 1 battle against the other guardians.

Registration is open today May 7,2018 until May 14,2017 10:00 AM GMT+8. Better prepare for this bloodbath guardian battle of the year.

Tournament Mechanics

1.    Participants will battle on a 1 vs 1 real time duel.

2.    Tournament Category will be based on your current battle power.

3.    Tournament Categories:
§  God Like Category (Combat Power: 16M to 20M)
§  Supreme Category (Combat Power: 11M to 15M)
§  Elite Category (Combat Power: 6M to 10M)
§  Common Category (Combat Power: 1M to 5M)
§  Beginner (Combat Power: 100K to 1M)

4.    All participants will be a randomly paired within their category.

5.    Tournament bracket will be posted 1 day before event.

6.    The GM facilitator will be online 1 hour before the tournament starts.

7.    Participants should be on the GM’s location 15 minutes before their scheduled  match.


• Clash of the Guarians Tournament will be using a single elimination match.
• Players should be at the tournament location (Town) where the GM is located.
• Player will press the opponent avatar  to access the challenge button to initiate the battle.
• Players combat power will be check first before the battle to check if the participants are all fit to their registered tournament category.
• Player who won the match should post a screenshot of the battle result in the Dragon Samurai Global Community Facebook Group for confirmation.

[How to join]

• Register  your account to any of the tournament category by filling up the online registration form:
• Registration is open until May 14,2018 at exactly 10AM GMT+8.

[Tournament Rewards]

 God Like Category Champion

• 5000 Diamonds
• 1000 Refined Stone
• 1000 Universal Fragment
• 10 M Coins

 Supreme Category Champion

• 3000 Diamonds
• 700 Refined Stone
• 700 Universal Fragment
• 5M Coins

 Elite Category Champion

• 2000 Diamonds
• 500 Refined Stone
• 500 Universal Fragment
• 3M Coins

 Common Category Champion

• 1000 Diamonds
• 300 Refined Stone
• 300 Universal Fragment
• 2 M Coins

 Beginner Category Champion

• 1000 Diamonds
• 2 M Coins

[Important Notes]

• We have the right to change the mechanics or prizes anytime withour prior notice.
• If you join this event. You automatically agree to all our terms of condition.

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