Pet Eggs

·         Pet Eggs can be purchased in the item mall item interface. The price depends on the pet star level. 



Pet Hatch

·         Purchased pets will incubate for 24 hours once used and automatically hatched after the incubation time lapse.


Pet Level

·         Maximize the pet level in the current tier level in order to evolve or upgrade the pet to the next tier.


o   Tier 1 – Max level 15

o   Tier 2 – Max level 30

o   Tier 3 – Max level 45


Pet Tier Level

·         A pet has 3 to 4 tier levels depending on the star level of the pet.

·         Maximum tier depends on the star level of the pet.

o   1 star level pet is up to tier level 3


o   2 star level pet is up to tier level 4


·         Pets will gain additional fashion for every tier advanced.


Pet Upgrade

·         Pet Potions - Used to level up the pet.

o   Common Pet Potion – EXP+1 (can be bought for 20 coins each)

o   Intermediate Pet Potion – EXP+100

o   Advance Pet Potion – EXP+5000



 Pet Advance

·         Pet Badge, Pet Peach and Pet Medal - These items are the main requirements to upgrade your pet to the next tier level.


Advantages of Having a Pet

·         It helps you to level up your character by receiving some extra EXP from your pet once equip/follow.

·         It will boost your fashion level


Pet Types

·         There are currently 4 pet appearances to choose from:

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Duck
  • Panda
  • Rabbit