• You can marry anyone in the world of Love Dance regardless of gender.
  • Confess to your partner by buying Love Letter on the Shop



If you don’t love your partner anymore, you can break up with him/her by buying Break Up Card on the shop!

Note: Break Up card is only effective if you have been a couple for 3 or more days.



  • Accumulate 999 intimacy points so that you and your partner can register for marriage.
  • Play bubble love, gift fashion to your partner and/or buy Peach Pack on the shop to increase intimacy.



Watering your couple tree once a day will give you 2 intimacy points.



  • Once your intimacy reaches 999, buy wedding card on the shop so you can register for marriage.
  • You and your partner will both receive Legendary Wedding Rings



Accumulating 2,500 Intimacy Points entitle couples with a Just Married Giftpack. The pack contains permanent Loving Angel Wings, 99 Roses and 520 Diamonds



Of course, if you ever get tired of your married life, there is a Divorce Card available in the item shop so you can back to being the awesome and single you.