Friends. Following and Fans

  • Friend List is considered as your in-game phonebook.
  • Friend List is divided into three groups:
    • Friends – Where all your actual and added friends in-game appear
    • Follow – Names of players that you are following appear here
    • Fans – Names of players who follow you appear in this section


In-game Chat Box

  • This is where conversations of all the players go. You can switch into two chat options: Whisper and Megaphone
  • Chat box can also be used to private message player on your friend and follow list.
    • Whisper is used to communicate to all players in the chat room.
    • Megaphone is used to post a comment or announcement which will be flashing on the screen.

Voice Chat

  • Messages on Love Dance isn’t limited to normal chat messaging, the games boasts a voice chat system wherein you can send recorded messages to other players who are online.



  • Dance crew system is similar to guild system in average games, a platform for all players to communicate and interact. Dance crew leaders and vice leader could organize and manage players to pursue the same objective.
  • Every dance crew has a maximum limit of members depending on the crew level.
    • Level 1 Crew – Maximum of 30 members
    • Level 2 Crew – Maximum of 50 members
    • Level 3 Crew – Maximum of 70 members
  • For every level the system will expand the maximum slots by adding 20 more slots/level.
  • For crew creation there’s a certain qualification to be able to create a new dance crew.
    • Player must reach Level 10.
    • 00 Diamonds
  • Dance crews also have their own item mall. Items you can purchase from the Crew Mall depending on the amount of your contribution and crew level.


Couple and Marriage System

  • You are free to marry anyone in-game regardless of the gender.
  • Improving your intimacy will make a couple eligible for the marriage.


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