Main Game Modes:

  • Red Carpet (PVE)
  • Dance Battle (PVP)


The Red Carpet (PVE)

  • Players must complete a series of checkpoints in order to battle out with the boss. Defeating the boss will open the next stage. Completing checkpoints and stages rewards players with game items, coins, diamonds and achievements.


Dance Battle (PVP)

  • The Dance Battle Mode where multiplayer battles are being held. Minimum players for the Dance Battle Mode is 2 while the maximum is 4.


Key Types:

  • Bubble – Tap, drag or hold the bubbles when halo shrinks to the edge for perfect timing. Modes: PK, Love and Normal
  • Classic – Tap on the arrow keys and hit the beat when the meter gets to the beat marker. Modes: PK and Normal


Bubble Keys


Classic Keys


The Waiting Room

  • Room master can set up the game mode, map and songs that they’re going to use for match.
  • Players can dress up, interact and consume buff items inside the waiting room
  • Waiting Room Interface:
    • Game Mode
    • Song List
    • Buffs Items
    • Game Maps

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