Dance Crew Challenge

  • This feature provides all players a chance to battle against 5 dance crew bosses.
  • All members are given 5 chances daily per crew boss. Diamonds can be used to purchase more chances.
  • Dance Crew Boss Challange runs from Monday to Saturday and resets weekly.

Dance Crew Challenge

  • The Dance Crew Challenge button can be found at the Dance Crew Interface labeled as “VS Challenge”.

Dance Crew Challenge

  • There are of 5 Crew Bosses and Rankings to battle with.
  • Make it through the rankings by reaching the highest accumulated score per boss.

Battle Modes

  • There are two battle modes in dance crew challenge, Bubble Mode and Classic Mode.
  • You may select the mode you prefer but each mode provides different scores in battle.

Dance Crew Challenge

  • Each boss can be unlocked when you reached certain dance crew level.

Dance crew level 3 unlocks Bruno Mars

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Level 5 Unlocks Show Lo

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Level 7 Unlocks Lu Han

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Level 8 Unlocks GD

Dance Crew Challenge

Boss Approval Degree

Each boss have different approval degrees, your crew must accumulate the required amount of points in order for you to defeat the boss.

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge Reset

  • Dance crew boss challenge weekly reset is scheduled every Mondays. Rankings, points and accumulated boss approval degrees will also reset to 0.
  • If you are unable to defeat the boss before the reset, you will not obtain rewards for the points you have accumulated.


  • Rewards are sent directly through your in-game mail once the boss is defeated.
  • Every round completion, you will earn 10 dance crew contribution.
  • Ranks are determined on how many points you have earned after completing round.
  • Depending on your score, you can receive up to 3 types of rewards: Individual, Boss Completion and Ranking

Dance Crew Challenge

  • The meter will increase based on the accumulated points from the crew members.

Dance Crew Challenge

  • After defeating the boss, the rewards will be distributed to the members depending on their ranks.

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Each boss have different rewards and approval degrees.

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge

Dance Crew Challenge


The EPIC WORKSHOP is a new feature where you can upgrade any permanent outfit into a whole new level.

The user will be able to put a majestic aura/effect on their chosen fashion set depending on the materials that he/she will be using.




Epic Infusion – Used to release the item’s epic energy with the use of Epic Stones.

Epic Upgrade – Used to release the item’s epic energy with the use of Epic Materials.



Love / Flame Store – The main requirement  for Epic Infusion.  Each Epic Stone has 8 levels which triggers different effects.


Epic Powder/Epic Crystal/Epic Element/Epic Water - The materials used to boost the item to Epic Upgrade.


  • You are required to use a full permanent item set for epic infusion to activate max effect.
  • Tap the “Insert Clothing”  button to register the item that you want to enhance and tap the “Gem” icon to infuse your desired Epic Stone.
  • Click the Epic Infusion button to unleash the effect of the item.


  • Epic Stone removal cannot be undone.
  • Removed stones will be automatically deleted from your bag.



  • An Epic Infused item is needed in order to qualify for Epic Upgrade.
  • You will need to have the following epic materials to unleash the epic energy of the item.
    • Epic Powder
    • Epic Crystal
    • Epic Water
    • Epic Element
  • If you have acquired the materials needed to upgrade the item, simply tap the “Epic Upgrade” button to unleash the Epic Energy.






1. In order to purchase diamonds using the Love Dance Web Top Up Method. All you have to do is to purchase Cubits in any of our official distributor that can be seen here:

2. Once you have a Cubits Pins, Simply go to



3. In the Game Used ID. Simply put the numeric Used ID that you can see in your profile inside the game and once you put it, it will automatically display your Game User Name/Character Name.

4. Simply put the Card Serial Number and the Cardcode/Pin in their field respectively.

5. For the Email part. All you have to do is to encode your Facebook or Google Account email that you are using to connect to Love Dance.

6. If all the information is correct then simply tick the confirmation and after that click Ok.

7. Your diamonds will arrive inside the game shortly



Keep in mind that the Love Dance Web Top Up method only accepts pins with the exact Cubits as seen in the chart below.

You will be able to purchase the amount of diamonds that you want using the cubits pin with the equivalent amount.

e.g I wanted to purchase 17,250 diamonds so i need to use exactly 10,000 Cubits code



Web top-up doesnt have any wallet unlike the Cubizone Top Up Method (guide below). You dont have to download and use the Direct APK of Love Dance in order to use this as anyone can use this method.

Part 1: How to register and Top Up Cubits?

1. Make sure that you are using the latest Direct APK of Love Dance

2. In order to purchase diamonds using a direct APK. All you have to do is to purchase Cubits in any of our official distributor that can be seen here:

3. Once you purchased a cubits, all you have to do is to log-in to your cubizone account in the Cubizone Portal. (In case you dont have a Cubizone account. All you have to do is to sign up. Please pay attention to the email address that you are going to use and remember it. Kindly check this Registration Guide: ).

4. Once you are inside the Cubizone Portal, simply click the “Top Up Via Cubicard” button than you can see on the upper right side of your screen inside the members dashboard.



5. Fill in the Top Up Details. Top Up Code is the Cubits Pin and not the Serial Number. While the Password is your Cubizone Account’s Password.



6. The system will notify you whether your top is succesful. The Cubits will appear shortly and you will be able to check your balance in the members dashboard.


Part 2: How to purchase Diamonds Using Cubits?

1. To purchase Diamonds using Cubits, all you have to do is to go to the Diamond Purchasing section inside the game.



2. Simply choose the diamond amount that you want to purchase.

3. A payment method page will appear so simply choose Cubizone.



4. Log in using your Cubizone account information (Email Stands for the email address that you used in registration. It could be your Facebook email if you register thru facebook or your google email if you register using google+ accounts, please remember that this one is for your Cubizone Account, not love dance account.)



5. Once you login, it will land you to the purchasing page. The required Cubits is displayed (Amount Payable), Your available Cubits Balance and the amount of diamond that you we’re about to purchase (Product)



6. Simply click confirm to proceed with the purchase and your Diamonds will arrive shortly.


Part 3: Currency Conversion

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Pet Eggs

·         Pet Eggs can be purchased in the item mall item interface. The price depends on the pet star level. 



Pet Hatch

·         Purchased pets will incubate for 24 hours once used and automatically hatched after the incubation time lapse.


Pet Level

·         Maximize the pet level in the current tier level in order to evolve or upgrade the pet to the next tier.


o   Tier 1 – Max level 15

o   Tier 2 – Max level 30

o   Tier 3 – Max level 45


Pet Tier Level

·         A pet has 3 to 4 tier levels depending on the star level of the pet.

·         Maximum tier depends on the star level of the pet.

o   1 star level pet is up to tier level 3


o   2 star level pet is up to tier level 4


·         Pets will gain additional fashion for every tier advanced.


Pet Upgrade

·         Pet Potions - Used to level up the pet.

o   Common Pet Potion – EXP+1 (can be bought for 20 coins each)

o   Intermediate Pet Potion – EXP+100

o   Advance Pet Potion – EXP+5000



 Pet Advance

·         Pet Badge, Pet Peach and Pet Medal - These items are the main requirements to upgrade your pet to the next tier level.


Advantages of Having a Pet

·         It helps you to level up your character by receiving some extra EXP from your pet once equip/follow.

·         It will boost your fashion level


Pet Types

·         There are currently 4 pet appearances to choose from:

  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Duck
  • Panda
  • Rabbit





  • You can marry anyone in the world of Love Dance regardless of gender.
  • Confess to your partner by buying Love Letter on the Shop



If you don’t love your partner anymore, you can break up with him/her by buying Break Up Card on the shop!

Note: Break Up card is only effective if you have been a couple for 3 or more days.



  • Accumulate 999 intimacy points so that you and your partner can register for marriage.
  • Play bubble love, gift fashion to your partner and/or buy Peach Pack on the shop to increase intimacy.



Watering your couple tree once a day will give you 2 intimacy points.



  • Once your intimacy reaches 999, buy wedding card on the shop so you can register for marriage.
  • You and your partner will both receive Legendary Wedding Rings



Accumulating 2,500 Intimacy Points entitle couples with a Just Married Giftpack. The pack contains permanent Loving Angel Wings, 99 Roses and 520 Diamonds



Of course, if you ever get tired of your married life, there is a Divorce Card available in the item shop so you can back to being the awesome and single you.